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from Honey Bower's personal sketchbook. Order a quality print from juniperginfairy@societyofmossandlace.com

from Honey Bower’s personal sketchbook. Quality prints available from juniper@societyofmossandlace.com

Although Santooshka Forest is cast with faerie glamor, and is invisible to most of humanity (we’re on a mission to change that!) it is encouraged to send mail to the Society of Moss and Lace. Juniper GinFairy and Magnolia Magpie will happily answer your burning questions about Stantooshka and its inhabitants, dispense magical advice, or give you a personalized update with the goings on in the forest.

Please send your envelopes addressed to:

Honey Bower

#53 Buttermilk Hill

Ava, IL 62907


Honey Bower is a human, like you, who has retained full natural vision, and is also part of our intentional magical community: The Society of Moss and Lace. She lives just on the very edge of our vast woodland and passes our correspondence on to Wandering Woolgatherer who drops our mail bundles every so often from his hot air balloon in exchange for vinegar pies and lavender chocolates. Do be sure and package your correspondence securely.

Wandering Woolgatherer stops in for fresh baked pie.

Wandering Woolgatherer stops in for fresh baked pie.

3 thoughts on “Write to us!

  1. Hello Jessica!
    You are a wonderful inspirationand and sensational person. I hv watched your periscope *fairytale Friday juniper and the first fall*. So amazing and wonderful.
    I have visited your website of poetry and creative writings. So wonderfulet and worth reading.I hAve my exams of sociology final and I really wished to read them but due to the time I can’t now but later I will read them.
    Thank you so much and it would be so pleasure if you would provide me your twitter or other social networking contact that further contact you and learn something better from you.i,e email. Stay bleed.
    Regards and gratitudes;


    • Welcome Saeed! I appreciate your kind words! We have more social media on @societyofmossandlace on instagram, Society of Moss and Lace on Youtube, and a Facebook page by the same name. Thank you so much for reading 😀


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